[Users] Shortcut key to fancy render view for HTML messages

flyingrhino flyingrhino at orcon.net.nz
Tue Jan 30 06:48:49 CET 2018

On Tue, 30 Jan 2018 06:00:46 +0100
Ralf Mardorf <silver.bullet at zoho.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Linux Mint is based upon official ubuntu repositories. Claws mail as
> well as the claws-mail-fancy-plugin and libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 are
> from the official Ubuntu universe repository. The universe repository is
> maintained by the community and insecure.
> "Universe – Community-Maintained, Open-Source Software:
> Licence: Open source
> Updates: Canonical does not provide update.
> Some updates may be provided by the Ubuntu community." -
> https://askubuntu.com/questions/58364/whats-the-difference-between-multiverse-universe-restricted-and-main
> Regarding webkit read
> https://blogs.gnome.org/mcatanzaro/2016/02/01/on-webkit-security-updates/ .
> To cut a long story short, official Arch Linux repositories don't
> provide webkitgtk anymore and claws-mail from official Arch
> repositories is build without the fancy plugin.
> Better add an action to display HTML mails with a webbrowser. To some
> extent automatically selecting HTML and displaying it as text does
> work, too.
> Regards,
> Ralf
> ___

This is a very important post ! Thanks.

If fancy is undermined due to inconsistent/aged libwebkitgtk , should claws even support fancy any more? 
As much as we appreciate the hard work by the fancy developers, the software is only as secure as the libraries it relies upon.

I always default to the text rendered version of mails (due to speed and reduce clutter), but sometimes the sender sends important stuff hidden within html so displaying html is unfortunately sometimes required.
Keeping the display fully within claws avoids switching programs and is all driven from within the same working environment. Is there some way of using an external browser to do the rendering and feeding it into the claws message frame?

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