[Users] Convenient way ofI browsing/viewing backuped messages?

Denis den_ml at posteo.de
Sun Jan 28 08:07:03 CET 2018

I have limited space in my account, so I want to backup my messages and then delete those older than a couple months from the account. I know how to make a backup - there is a plugin for Claws Mail, also I can manually copy the subdir I need from ~/.claws-mail/imapcache. But how do I then browse/view these messages?

Using a text editor is not really convenient because you get a block of service information (Return-Path, Received: from, and so on) and cannot see non-text attachments. Besides it would be convenient to browse these (backed up) messages in Claws Mail, like with the messages that are currently in your account, just in a different folder. So, anyone has done that? Do I need to create a separate offline account and somehow point Claws Mail to the folder with the backed up messages? Is there a standard/popular way of handling it?

Denis Shadrin

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