[Users] Claws-mail support for Oauth2 or how do you do it under Linux?

Brian bvamundsen at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 21 22:15:46 CET 2018

So I have a couple of email service providers, gmail and yahoo, which
are pushing for me to remove my "allow less secure apps" setting and
get on the Oauth2 signin process.  I additionally need to figure out
out to get a Linux based Symantec VIP Access type service worknig for
signing in to my financial service.  But let stay with the email
providers.  Does Claws-mail have any development activity going towards
Oauth2 support like Seamonkey and Thunderbird integrate?  Or is there a
plugin to use with Claws-mail?

Or can someone give me an outline on how to implement Oauth2 globally
so that when an gmail or yahoo request I can respond and remove the
burden from Claws-mail?

I know Oauth and Oauth2 have been around for a decade or more and I
also know that two factor authentication is becoming more common as
ISP's are trying to fight off hackers.  So I figure I better figure
this out sooner than later.  

Cheers.  BrianA_MN

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