[Users] [Bug 3949] opening account preferences window crashes when compiled with ./configure --disable-dbus

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Tue Jan 16 06:43:24 CET 2018


--- Comment #13 from Martin Väth <claws-mail at mvath.de> ---
By systematic inserting of fprintf(stderr, ...) I finally binsected the problem

1. The crash finally occurs in the call of gtk_main() in prefs_account.c

2. The warning/error messages (which do not occur with --enable-dbus) are
printed in the 5th iteration of the loop prefswindow_build_all_pages(). More
precisely, they are printed then in prefswindow_build_page() in the call
page->create_widget(page, GTK_WINDOW(prefswindow->window), prefswindow->data);

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