[Users] Windows version guidance - stuck message can't be sent

Lenard Lynch lenard.lynch at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 02:21:04 CET 2018

Thanks for Claws-Mail!

I use it as a nntp reader.  I recently have a issue and am looking for
guidance on how to clear this condition properly.

Issue:  replying to an nntp post, with an small file attachment, failed
produced message:  Queued messages  Some unsent messages are queued.  Exit
now?  Cancel OK

I looked for about to see if I could find this message, close claws-mail,
delete it, and restart claws-mail to verify that the condition is cleared.

I was able to see in the
directory that the failed message is written there, when attempting to
close claws-mail.

The filename is:  nntp0B2873E8

I'm not finding any file that looks like this, or another file that has the
contents of this file, so I must be doing something really wrong, like
looking in all the wrong places...

Any assistance with his would be most appreciated.  If there is some docs
that I should be looking at, I'll gladly go there.

+1 312.656.4264
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