[Users] [Bug 3949] opening account preferences window crashes when compiled with ./configure --disable-dbus

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Mon Jan 15 18:34:38 CET 2018


--- Comment #8 from Martin Väth <claws-mail at mvath.de> ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> if you installed the package with debug symbols

As mentioned, I have compiled with C{,XX}FLAGS="-g -ggdb3 -O0", so debug
symbols are there. The problem with the backtrace is probably some pie/ASLR
mangling which interferes with gdb. Maybe late this evening I have some time to
investigate this issue, but I cannot promise in the moment.

> claws-mail-debug or claws-mail-dbg in most distributions

I am using gentoo, not a binary distribution. (I also doubt that there is any
binary distribution which ships claws-mail without dbus support which is a
necessary condition to produce the problem...)

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