[Users] [Bug 3943] 3.16.0 crashes with config from 3.15.1 and older

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Thu Jan 11 12:30:30 CET 2018


--- Comment #12 from Andrej Kacian <andrej at kacian.sk> ---
Ok, this is what happened:

Your IMAP account has already been saved in accountrc with protocol=0 (POP3)
for a while. Possibly after initial protocols renumbering in 3.14.1 release -
there were some bugs which caused it not to work correctly in some cases.

In your case, the renumbering seems to have run at least once more, as IMAP
went from protocol=3 to protocol=1 (down by 2), while you have protocol=0.

Before 3.16.0 release, the code that returns local path to an IMAP folder was
written as specific for IMAP, so it did not check whether protocol of the
account connected with each folder. Therefore it always returned correct path
regardless of incorrect protocol= value. 

In 3.16.0, this code was changed to use a function shared for all folder
classes (IMAP, MH, mbox, RSSyl, ...), and this function does first check for
protocol, in order to decide what to do. And since it did not see an IMAP
account connected to the folders, it returns an empty value, which eventually
results in the crash you experience.

The fix in your case is to manually correct the protocol= values in accountrc:
0 for a POP3 account, 1 for IMAP, 2 for NNTP, 3 for Local, 4 for SMTP-only.

After that, 3.16.0 should start correctly, and you should also be able to
freely switch between 3.16.0 and 3.15.1 with the same config dir.

The original bug, which caused the wrong renumbering has already been fixed, I

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