[Users] External password store

Marek Howard marekhwd at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 19:11:17 CET 2018


Would it be possible or acceptable to include reading passwords from command 
output so that external password stores like pass[1], Gnome Keyring, or custom 
stores password could be used?

pass is becoming increasingly popular. There's now even extension for Firefox[2] 
which queries pass locally. It's not about "security" but rather convenience of 
having the passwords stored in single place. Password commands are also 
supported by OfflineIMAP and isync (mbsync).

Claws-mail could just execute the password command once when opening the IMAP 
connection for the first time and then cache it. Is something like this 

Thank you.

[1] https://www.passwordstore.org/
[2] https://github.com/passff/passff

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