[Users] Does Claws-Mail honour the Followup-To: header?

Bob Williams usenet at karmasailing.uk
Sun Jan 7 17:35:29 CET 2018

I have just tried using the Followup-To: header in a mailing-list message, but when I replied to my own message, CM addressed the reply to the original mailing-list, not the one specified in the Followup-To: header.

If the option to set this header is available in the Compose window, shouldn't CM also recognise it in received messages that I am replying to? Or am I missing something? I am using Claws-Mail 3.16.0.

Bob Williams
   System:  Linux 4.4.104-39-default
   Distro:  openSUSE 42.3 (x86_64)
   Desktop: KDE Frameworks: 5.32.0, Qt: 5.6.2 and Plasma: 5.8.7
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