[Users] Probable bug: Claws Mail crashes when pasting longer text to editor window mail body

mahlamytsike at gmail.com mahlamytsike at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 01:56:53 CET 2018


When pasting text to editor window mail body, the whole Claws Mail
first hangs and then disappears completely. Please refer comments
below in crash output.

Claws Mail 3.15.1-3.0
Enchant 2.1.2-3.0
Manjaro 32-bit

Attempted to edit saved draft in Local Mail folder. Claws shows edited
draft normally, but when attemting to edit this draft under Claws Mail
editor, the whole thing crashes again.

Temporary solution is when downgrading to Claws Mail 3.15.1-1 (among
with enchant 1.6.1-2).

Thank you !

Crash output:

$ claws-mail
claws.c:102:Starting Claws Mail version Claws Mail 3.15.1-dirty
utils.c:1817:using default rc_dir /home/mocambo/.claws-mail
main.c:2212:Using control
socket /tmp/claws-mail-1000/eceffe1aae78fe7f3780ae699ea57f7a
main.c:2307:another Claws Mail instance is already running.
<--in this point Claws Mail hangs-->
** (process:29636): WARNING **: Socket IO timeout

** (process:29636): WARNING **: [00:48:58] Socket IO timeout.

Claws Mail is already running on display .
<--in this point Claws Mail disappears-->

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