[Users] imap TLS 'user certificate' problems

Charles Lane lane at duphy4.physics.drexel.edu
Sun Feb 11 23:42:55 CET 2018

This *isn't* a claws-mail bug, but it showed up while trying to 
have claws-mail present a user-certificate to a Dovecot server.
(this is the certificate you put in the mailer config in 
the "TLS/SSL" page). I got a certificate and private key in
a .pem file; worked fine with s_client; but handshake failed with

After much bug tracking with claws-mail --debug, setting
the env value GNUTLS_DEBUG_LEVEL, and gdb, it turns out
to be a problem in libetpan when working with gnuTLS >2.12.

With a minor fix to libetpan, now things work, at least 
for .pem certificates. My next step is to send a patch
to the person in charge of libetpan. 
Chuck Lane      Drexel Univ.
FNAL x5484     \-µ-µ-µ-[*e]
lane at duphy4.physics.drexel.edu

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