[Users] IMAP and CM

Slavko linux at slavino.sk
Mon Dec 24 19:11:41 CET 2018


Dňa Mon, 24 Dec 2018 12:56:04 +0100 Slavko <linux at slavino.sk> napísal:

> Please, can someone help my/pont me with these problems:
> 1. incoming emails are not checked by bogofilter, or at least no
> X-Bogosity header is added into them (configured in bogofilter plugin
> to add it). What i need to to get it?
> 2. new emails are noticed by the notification plugin, but i have set
> the "run command" when a new mail arrive (to use TTS), and this
> command is not run (yes it worked, until aj switch to IMAP). Have i do
> something extra to get this work with IMAP?

Hmm, it seems, that the notify plugin only works, when message is
filtered from IMAP to MH mailbox. When it is not touched by filter no
notification appears.


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