[Users] Tweak date_after/date_before criteria

Olivier Brunel jjk at jjacky.com
Sat Dec 22 13:30:05 CET 2018

On Thu, 20 Dec 2018 09:01:53 +0100
Colin Leroy-Mira <colin at colino.net> wrote:

> > PS: Unless I missed it, it seems the addition of those criteria was
> > left out of the release notes. I assume this wasn't on purpose, and
> > maybe something to keep in mind for next release, as it might be
> > worth pointing out.  
> I think it arrived in 3.17.1 :)
No, it did not. Just checked in git log, and I think it was commited
before 3.17.1 was released yes, but 3.17.1 was released from a different
branch with only a few bugfixes cherry picked. So effectively, those
were new/introduced in 3.17.2

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