[Users] [Bug 4139] Clawsker broken in Archlinux

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Fri Dec 21 22:25:47 CET 2018


--- Comment #3 from glitsj16 at gmail.com ---
Fully aware this isn't Arch Linux packaging bug tracker. I opened the clawsker
bug report here because I honestly think that is where the aforementioned Perl
issue lies:

$ clawsker
Use of uninitialized value $fver[2] in string eq at /usr/bin/clawsker line 260.
Invalid version string at /usr/bin/clawsker line 260.

That should have been the most important part. I admit that the presented
context could be misleading, but I wanted to provide some context. And that
context includes packaging issues (on Arch Linux only). Still, *after* fixing
those issues (rebuilt clawsker from git with correct dependencies) I keep
getting the same message as on a Ubuntu machine.

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