[Users] Claws seeing invalid certificates from pop.gmail.com after upgrade

Mark Raynsford list+org.claws-mail at io7m.com
Thu Dec 13 11:19:46 CET 2018


I recently upgraded my system and I think this may have updated openssl
behind the scenes, causing me to run into certificate errors when
trying to fetch mail over POP3 with Gmail.

$ claws-mail --version
Claws Mail version 3.17.1
$ openssl version
OpenSSL 1.1.1a  20 Nov 2018

This is the dialog box that pops up:

Certificate for pop.gmail.com has changed.
Certificate is for invalid2.invalid, but connection is to pop.gmail.com.
You may be connecting to a remote server.

Do you want to accept it?

Signature status: Self-signed certificate.

View certificates:

Known certificate:
    Name:     pop.gmail.com
    Org:      Google LLC
    Location: Mountain View, US
    Name:     Google Internet Authority G3
    Org:      Google Trust Services
    Location: US
    Fingerprint: MD5: 83:C3:05:91:BA:31:19:5D:0B:AF:97:53:CB:4D:87:8B
  B7:47:47:56:62:D4:D6:F4:BA:FA:F1:E7:A9:6B:C3:60:01:EC:E0:CB Signature
  status: Correct Expires on: 2019-02-19 14:02:00 +0000

New certificate:
    Name:     invalid2.invalid
    Org:      <not in certificate>
    Location: <not in certificate>
    Name:     invalid2.invalid
    Org:      <not in certificate>
    Location: <not in certificate>
    Fingerprint: MD5: 90:4A:C8:D5:44:5A:D0:6A:10:FF:CD:8B:11:BE:16
  42:59:51:7C:D4:E4:8A:28:9D:33:2A:B3:F0:AB:52:A3:66:32:28:24 Signature
  status: Self-signed certificate Expires on: 2030-01-01 00:00:00 +0000

This is all I see on stderr:

** (claws-mail:5539): WARNING **: 09:40:22.955: size differ 896 1156
** (claws-mail:5539): WARNING **: 09:40:23.920: can't initialize
** (claws-mail:5539): WARNING **: 09:40:23.920: [09:40:23] SSL/TLS
handshake failed

Other non-Gmail accounts work correctly.

Is there anything I can do about this?

Mark Raynsford | http://www.io7m.com

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