[Users] Sub-thread sort order missing?

Francesco frapox at yahoo.it
Fri Dec 7 18:56:53 CET 2018


I'm using Claws mail for a while until now, and I've searched
extensively before posting here.

I was looking for a feature to sort sub (or child) threads of a
discussion by an opposite criteria to the global one. Since I use to
order mails by Date/descending , I'd like to get all child threads
ordered by Date/ascending. If found that with this way of ordering is
much it's much more easy to understand the "thread of discussion", since
older informations and references are displayed first (higher in the

This time I have to choose global ascending ordering because there's not
a dedicate setting for child threads. I've also used others mail clients
(such as Thunderbird, Evolution or Kmail) and they all have the chance
to reverse the "sub-thread" ordering from the "global" list ordering.

So am I missing something or currently this feature is not present?
Will it be in the future? (and should I ask for it somewhere else?).

Ty in advance

Ps. I've also searched for related plugins but found nothing. And I'm
using Claws version 3.17.1 from Debian sid repos.


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