[Users] [Bug 3993] Claws Mail connects to IMAP server when it should not

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Sat Apr 14 14:19:34 CEST 2018


--- Comment #31 from Andrej Kacian <andrej at kacian.sk> ---
(In reply to comment #30)
> Per-account and per-folder sounds like an overkill. Also while a global
> option may sound as a good idea it is somewhat "fighting" with the other
> options like "Check for mail at startup" and not checking a particular
> account. IOW: there already are options what to check and when so it would
> make more sense the program logic to follow those preferences rather than
> initiate connections on its own.

Fair enough, that was just the first idea that popped into my mind. :) Maybe it
would be simpler just to skip IMAP (or any other remote) folders for this
"initial processing" if appropriate.

> Thinking about all this from a privacy perspective: it would be good to have
> an option to disable the "NOOP" commands sent every now and then without
> going offline. If mail should be checked for example every 30 minutes, there
> is hardly any point to tell the server "Well, I am not checking my mail but
> you should know that I am online". All this background chattering only helps
> the companies to create better analytics and profile us more and more
> deeply. Perhaps this needs a separate bug report?

Yes, this is an entirely separate topic, just like your mention elsewhere about
optionally not connecting to a newly added IMAP account.

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