[Users] [Bug 4006] Message List navigates wrong way with lists sorted in reverse date order

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Wed Apr 11 18:32:18 CEST 2018


--- Comment #3 from Chris Vine <vine35792468 at gmail.com> ---
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Patch for message lists sorted in reverse date order

Attached is a patch which restores message lists sorted in reverse date order
so as to behave in the way they did in previous versions of claws-mail.

With claws-mail-3.16.0, you cannot properly navigate a message list sorted in
reverse date order when in thread view.  Pressing 'N' goes to the previous
message in the thread, and 'P' operates vice versa.  When in thread view, the
space bar does not operate at all (it should read the next unread message in
the thread) because the previous message in the thread has already been read.

The patch corrects this.  Arguably, when the end of a thread has been reached,
pressing the 'N' or spacebar key should move "upwards" in the way that
claws-mail-3.16 intends, but that would require a much more complicated patch. 
As mentioned, this patch restores the behavior of claws-mail so it works in the
same way as version-3.14.1 (I have not tested 3.15 to see how that behaves).

The patch applies to claws-mail-3.16.0.

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