[Users] [Bug 3799] gpg private key not found, only gpg v1.x used

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Thu Mar 30 18:23:46 CEST 2017


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> What has this got to do with Claws Mail? Please explain a little more
> verbosely.

Reproduce with installing gpg and gpg2
sudo apt-get install gpgv gpgv2

gpg2 --gen-key
and follow instructions with correct mail adress

If you search within configuration -> account settings -> plugins -> gpg
you will not find your new key.

If you create your key within claw mail with help of the plugin,
lets say for my mail adress and you list it with
gpg2 --list-key max_muster
it is rsa2048 and has no expiration limit.

Expiration limit and abit longer key is recommended.
Further it is annoying that keys are not found.

I am unsure about the exact formatting and where what key is saved.
Further I have no idea about the plugin used/how the binding/linking works.

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