[Users] Claws Mail 3.15.0 Unleashed!!

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at zoho.com
Sun Mar 26 14:09:00 CEST 2017

On Sun, 26 Mar 2017 11:16:09 +0100, Paul wrote:
>26th March 2017                                     Claws Mail 3.15.0

Thank you,

3.15.0+ builds and runs without issues on Arch Linux and Ubuntu Xenial.

[weremouse at moonstudio ~]$ grep PR /etc/os-release 
PRETTY_NAME="Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS"
[weremouse at moonstudio ~]$ dpkg -l claws-mail-git | grep ii
ii  claws-mail-git 3.15.0-1-g978206-1 amd64        A GTK+ based e-mail client - git checkout
[weremouse at moonstudio ~]$ sudo systemd-nspawn -qD /mnt/archlinux grep PR /etc/os-release
PRETTY_NAME="Arch Linux"
[weremouse at moonstudio ~]$ sudo systemd-nspawn -qD /mnt/archlinux pacman -Q claws-mail-git
claws-mail-git 3.15.0.r1.g978206196-1


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