[Users] Address book defaults to lower case

Brian Morrison bdm at fenrir.org.uk
Wed Mar 22 12:10:33 CET 2017

On Wed, 22 Mar 2017 10:21:08 +0000
Paul wrote:

> On Wed, 22 Mar 2017 10:11:25 +0000
> Brian Morrison <bdm at fenrir.org.uk> wrote: 
> > Actually folks, the local part of the address before the @ should
> > have case preserved, there are people who do use capitalized
> > addresses in this way.  
> But that is non-Standard. (Capital S used here to imply the
> recognised and defined standards, rather than just common practice.)

It's thoroughly nasty and stupid to do it, but there are still places
that do (although reduced in number from decades ago).

Luckily I've never been caught out by it but it seems some people have


Brian Morrison

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