[Users] claws-mail 3.8.1 and STARTTLS

Charles E. Blair c-blair at illinois.edu
Sun Mar 19 04:42:17 CET 2017

   I have an older machine running claws-mail 3.8.1
and a newer machine running 3.11.1.  I recently had
to change the server for sending e-mail on the  3.8.1
machine to the same server as the 3.11.1 machine, and
I used the same "preferences for current account."
This included using STARTTLS.

   However, the 3.8.1 machine will not send e-mail.
The ./claws-mail/claws.log file includes

[11:12:42] IMAP4< Login to imap.illinois.edu successful
[11:12:42] ESMTP< 250-smtp.illinois.edu Hello []
[11:12:42] ESMTP< 250-STARTTLS
[11:12:42] ESMTP> STARTTLS
[11:12:42] ESMTP< 220 2.0.0 SMTP server ready
[11:12:42] ** warning: couldn't start TLS session
[11:12:42] *** error: Error occurred while sending the message.

When I close claws-mail, my monitor has the message

> Warning SSL connection failed (A TLS packet with
> unexpected length was received)
> Warning couldn't start TLS session

I hope there is some simple way that I can change the 3.8.1
configuration to fix this.

Thank you!

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