[Users] [Bug 3779] mouse cursor/pointer disappears forever, in compose window

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Good grief.

Can we cut the 'it's supposed to disappear!' comments?  Yes, of course it is. 
At no time did anyone, including me, state that it shouldn't disappear.

It's merely *information*, to aid in the debug flow.

And while we're at it, could we cut the 'it's never happened to me!' comments? 
Clearly, if it happened to "you", you'd have filed a bug.  Or looked at the
code.  Or, you know, said or done something.

Back to the bug, instead of all of this cross talk...

Paul -- gvim (debian's vim-gtk package) exhibits this behaviour correctly.  I
start to type, cursor disappears.  I move the mouse, cursor reappears.  No
clicking is required to make the mouse cursor reappear.

Same user account, same system.

This has been going on for about a year -- but, I've finally had some cycles to
deal with this now.

With all this cross talk, and pointless "me too!" and "it's supposed to
disappear" blather, enough.  You were right to close this bug, Paul.

After all, there is zero movement on your end to actually think about it,
ponder it, or debug it.  Or, you know, even take bug reports seriously.

Marked 'resolved' because "fuck this noise".

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