[Users] [Bug 3837] Lost POP account messages caused by power outage during download?

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Thu Jun 22 09:44:48 CEST 2017


--- Comment #2 from Ralf Mardorf <info.mardorf at rocketmail.com> ---
>* right-click the top-level mailbox on choose 'Check for new messages'  

I tried this first to no avail, but to be honest., I first deleted the
"No subject" mails.

>* Go to ~/.claws-mail/uidl/ and empty the file belonging to the
>account in question. Then fetch mail again. Your mail will be
>downloaded again.  

I didn't do this, because I wanted to avoid to receive duplicates of
mails that came in later, so I waited for a response to my bug report.

However, since I thought that the amount of duplicated mails can't be
too much, I've done it now. Unfortunately I was mistaken and for some
accounts I received far too much duplicated messages. Actually I delete
the mails of two POP accounts very often manually from the servers,
while for other accounts I only let one MUA delete the mails after one
day from the servers, so I got to much duplicated mails from those
servers. Another _very serious_ pitfall, a lot of mails I already read
are now marked as unread.

Deleting a few duplicated mails was much work, so I have given up and
stay with a several duplicates. I also re-read a few mails, but I also
have given up on marking all read mails as read again. Next time I
might not want to run  rm -i ~/.claws-mail/uidl/*  again ;) and simply
accept that some mails are not available by Claws, but still by

In short, deleting ~/.claws-mail/uidl/affected_accounts only is
useful, if the mails are completely lost, but if they are available by
another MUA, the deletion does cause more of a mess, than it is a

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