[Users] [Bug 3836] Give PGP/MIME signatures a name of "signature.asc" instead of "noname"

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Wed Jun 21 19:21:01 CEST 2017


--- Comment #5 from Scott Emmons <lscotte at gmail.com> ---
I gave your patch a try (against claws 3.14.1) and it seems to work nicely!

If I send a signed (not-encrypted) email, the signature verifies fine in claws,
and in gmail it just shows the signature inline at the bottom of the email, as
well as an attachment called "signature.asc". This, to me, is perfect.

If I send a signed+encrypted email, claws is able to decrypt and verify the
email just fine. In gmail, it still shows noname for both the signature and
encrypted message. Since gmail would never be able to decrypt this message to
begin with, this is probably OK, although I don't really know if this use-case
should be different than signed-only email or not for the signature and
encrypted blob filenames (I like consistency, personally).

I did not try with any other email programs, but assuming this is the right
approach, it certainly is a big improvement to me.

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