[Users] [Bug 3836] Give PGP/MIME signatures a name of "signature.asc" instead of "noname"

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Tue Jun 20 22:50:07 CEST 2017


--- Comment #1 from Scott Emmons <lscotte at gmail.com> ---
I discovered this was actually fixed 12 years ago in 1.9.15cvs79 (now git
commit c099ea7539da09b4163746138c2ee8d5713f1b20), and then reverted by the fix
to bug 3599 in 81b0679965b506fce98bedb70f74f8df70e81312.

Is it possible to give the attachment a name without a disposition? Should this
be something that's exposed as a configuration option so the user can decide?

Personally, I think it's fairly easy to explain an attachment called
"signature.asc", but one called "noname" is a bit harder to explain, and
declare safe.

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