[Users] Reporting bugs (was: Re: not showing html email)

Jim Pachowski jimmy.patch at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 12:20:08 CEST 2017

I've read the back and forth on the subject with some fascination. I'm
somewhat senior so I'm able to draw some conclusions from what this
life has taught me.

First, it's not about bug trackers, it's about attitudes. Today you're
going on and on about jumping through hoops about reporting a bug.
Tomorrow it will be about something else. The attitude is a problem,
the requirement of bug-tracker isn't.

Second, look at yourself. You are ready to spend hours reading and
responding to how a little effort on your part is somehow jumping
through hoops but you're not ready to follow a process defined by the
developers of this fine software.

In real life, I would call you a spoiled child with an entitlement
complex. "I'm walking into your house, better open the door for me for
I don't want to put in the effort of opening the door. I'm putting in
enough effort to walk into your house so feel honoured already."

Third, learn to communicate. Just like this mailing list, bug-tracker
is a also a system of communication. If you don't want to use it,
don't. But just like you have to sign-up for the mailing list, or for
your cable service, or for your mobile service, or your driving
license, you have to sign-up for bug-tracking too. It's a formal
system used by developers to keep themselves sane. The people
developing this software have a real life and they're contributing
enough of their time in building and maintaining this software. So
help them by doing what's expected of you. And while I'm at it, also
understand their need for brevity. Don't be so touchy and sensitive
that you read bad attitude even when somebody is being helpful even
though the response is concise.

Fourth, it's their house and it's their rules and it's their culture.
Whether they like you to take off your shoes at the door, wear a
particular dress, talk in a particular language, or something as
simple as signing-up and posting bug reports in a particular desired
format, your teachers should have taught you to respect that and
follow-along, or not go there. Instead I find you insist in going
there and bad-mouthing the hosts.

If you come back to me with "Well, I am spending time in giving
feedback so better take it the way I like it" my advice to you is to
shut up and keep that feedback to yourself. You're wasting everybody's
time and vitiating the atmosphere with the foul stench of your

I love Claws Mail. I appreciate the time everybody has put in in
building it and those in this mailing list who help others. It's a
helpful, constructive community even though it seems it's small but I
still love it here. This thread is the first time I've felt offended


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