[Users] migration results in SMTP accounts converting into NNTP

listreader suselist at cableone.net
Sun Jun 18 16:45:33 CEST 2017

Hello list...

Attempting to migrate a claws installation from linux openSUSE Leap
42.1 (with claws 3.14.0) to Leap 42.2 which is distributed with claws
3.13.2. Transferred over the Mail dir and .claws-mail dir.  Started
3.13.2 and discovered that all my SMTP-only accounts had been converted
to NNTP. So I tried upgrading to claws 3.15.0, deleted the previous
transfered dirs and re-transfered.  No joy. 3.15.0 also has converted
the SMTPs to NNTPs.

All my other accounts (all are pop3+smtp) apparently transferred fine,
except that passwords didn't transfer, which is no big deal.

So, what have I done or is this a known issue? And is there any way to
change these accounts back to SMTP-only or am I going to need to delete
the funky NNTPs and recreate the accounts as SMTPs?  There are a lot of

Thanks for any help.


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