[Users] Cannot sync large IMAP folder

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Fri Jun 2 00:15:26 CEST 2017


Just an idea. There should be a way  (on server) to move part f the mails, say two third, into a temporary folder, then do not subscribe this folder in claws. Later you would move a bunch of mails back (say one third, then later another third) so each time sync only needs to add the new stuff. 
Hopefully, after it's fully synced, timeout  problems shouldn't occur anymore. 


> Hi!
> I added an IMAP account with folder that has ~25k messages to claws and
> claws cant sync message list. What happens is when i enter the folder claws
> start downloading message headers, its not fast (looking at progress i
> think it would take 2-3 hours to get all headers) and its never finishes.
> Sooner or later some network error occurs (idk why, looks like session time
> limit on server side), sync is aborted. If i try to enter folder again
> process restarts from scratch with the same result. Again and again. Is
> this a bug in claws or am i missing some setting that causes claws not to
> write imap cache on aborted sync?
> error message in log is
> ** IMAP error on imap.yandex.ru: stream error
> ** IMAP connection broken
> P.S. Claws interface is partially unresponsive while IMAP syncing, is this
> normal? I cant read messages in other accounts while IMAP is syncing, but
> they are delivered, an menus are accessible. I never used claws with IMAP
> before, only with POP, is IMAP support in claws "not very good" and i
> should look for another client for IMAP?

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