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--- Comment #62 from Holger Berndt <hb at claws-mail.org> ---
(In reply to comment #61)
> Porting from PyGTK2 to PyGObject is very easy. I did it for another
> application recently and I don't even know Python that well. This a
> migration script that covers the basics.

I guess you are talking about porting PyGtk-based Python code to
PyGObject-based Python code. That might be helpful for some scripts users have
written based on the Python plugin, but it's not helpful for the plugin itself
- which is written in C, and uses the C-API of PyGtk and CPython.

So the task is to port from the C-API of PyGtk to the C-API of PyGObject (in
case there is one, or whatever magic stuff needs to be done for gobject
introspection). Also, a port from the C-API of CPython2 to the C-API of
CPython3 is probably required.

It sounds doable, but I wouldn't call it "very easy".

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