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folderview rewrite using GtkTreeView, v2

For what it's worth, about a month ago I rewrote folderview to use
GtkTreeView&co. almost completely. There are a few things missing (mainly
drag&drop functionality and column visibility configuration), but it mostly
works for day to day use.

There are a few issues with it, though, which stopped me from continuing:
 - when opening a folder by clicking on it, the focus sometimes does not stay
in summaryview
 - it seems impossible to make the rows as dense as with the old tree widget

If anyone is interested in continuing this work, I am attaching a patch of what
I have so far. Feel free to contact me for more info e.g. about the mentioned
issues - they are caused mostly by insufficient API, and some kludgy design
within the GtkTreeView widget code.

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