[Users] [Bug 2371] Port to GTK+3.0

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Sun Jul 23 00:26:39 CEST 2017


--- Comment #57 from Hanno Meyer-Thurow <h.mth at web.de> ---
It is not just undeprecation.

Getting it to compile with current Gtk3 is a prerequisite. See step 1 and 3.
See comment #8 for additional sanitizing CFLAGS to add for proper access to Gtk
structures. No more direct access to members of structures. I guess code
deteriorated again; therefore the afore-mentioned CFLAGS and revisiting steps 1
and 3.

Deprecated code is just no good. Full stop. There is GtkRcStyle next to
GtkStyle, which is just no more available AFAIR. Therefore the Gtk(Rc)Style
refactoring. (#ifdef'ing)

I was able to compile and run Claws-Mail with Gtk3 back then. Though, the UI
was just completely unusable. There, the fun begins. :-)

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