[Users] Poorly-wrapped text when viewed in external editor

rikona rikona at sonic.net
Fri Jul 7 23:40:18 CEST 2017

On Fri, 7 Jul 2017 08:46:28 -0700
"Victoria Stuart (gmail)" <victoria.a.stuart at gmail.com> wrote:

> @Jim: I think that is correct: when I "cat" those messages in a
> terminal, I get the same thing (affected messages only; wrapped with
> an equals sign at the end).

I also 'archive' direct copies of CM files and thought I'd better take a
look. I see the same thing, but only for SOME, but not all, non-text
parts of emails [HTML, etc]. The text part does not seem to have =
signs at the end of lines. However, this seriously breaks my archives.

It looks as though CM inserts the = signs in the file - is this true?

> Any idea on how I can turn this off (if possible)?  

That would be necessary for my archiving - I have several hundred dirs,
each with many files. Likely too hard to fix with your script. I can
accept long lines if that is the alternative. 

> Everything in > Claws looks great; but I want to use those (archived) messages for
> some NLP work.

For me also - the = sign breaks the archives.

> I can remove them with a small bash script (sed; ...) -- will post
> that solution later; want to test it more, first -- but looking for
> an easy fix.  ;-)

I saw that, nice, but with many hundreds of dirs, this is not
practical for me.

Any way to keep CM from doing this, if CM is putting in the = signs?

CM can also archive in a few formats, but these are not readable by my
comp-wide search pgm, which I use many times a day, so those formats
can't be used. And, even if one of those format is used, would the =
sign still be there if the format is unpacked?

> @Andrej: Thanks also for your reply; appreciated!  :-)
> > Actually it sounds the external editor is picking up quoted
> > printable
> >encoding while the email display is taking that encoding into
> >account.  
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