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--- Comment #8 from Ricardo Mones <mones at users.sourceforge.net> ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> Created attachment 1721 [details]
> Enables Delivery Status Notification request
> This patch adds the Delivery Status Notification request option to Claws
> Mail. When enabled, a catch-all (success, failure and delay) notification
> will be requested from server, along with copy of sent message headers.
> Please note, that due to Claws Mail architecture it was found to be very
> difficult to add such option to compose message dialog, so instead a
> checkbox controlling the option was added to account properties, under the
> Send tab. As a result, a "request_dsn" property is added to accountrc config
> file.
> Tested on 3.14.1, should work on git commit bbeb55d, but the latter does not
> compile due to unrelated bug.

Thanks for the patch, haven't tested it, but looks correct. Nevertheless, I
think always sending the 3 types of DSN request is a bit inflexible: for some
accounts you could be interested only in failures, for example. This can be
solved with three additional checkboxes (with their sensitivity linked to main
checkbox) and building the right part of NOTIFY= string from them. The UI could
be something like this:

+-Request Delivery Status Notification--------------+
| [ ] Enable                                        |
| [ ] Failures [ ] Delays [ ] Success               |

No RET parameter is added to mail command┬╣, it's not worth to control which is
returned on the DSN? 

No ENVID parameter is generated, maybe it's a good idea to generate one, and
save it in Claws Mail special headers, so in the future you could track which
DSN-requested messages have received the DSN or not.

There's also no special handling of received DSN multipart/report +
message/delivery-status messages, though not sure what can be done with those.

Not sure if you're willing to improve the patch, in any case thanks in advance

┬╣ https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3461#section-4.3

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