[Users] [Bug 3902] UI deadlock when trying to exit

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Tue Dec 19 20:19:06 CET 2017


--- Comment #3 from Kostya Vasilyev <kmansoft at gmail.com> ---
Something else is weird.

$ ls
~/.claws-mail/imapcache/mail.mobisystems.com/support at aqua-mail.com/INBOX/Queue/
6025  6027  6028  6031  6032  6033  6035

Remember that the issue started with:

[21:51:41] IMAP> 602 UID FETCH 6036 BODY.PEEK[] 

If I open the Queue folder in Claws - there are zero messages, which is in sync
with the server.

I looked inside those files - they're all quite old, at least from six months
back. Why do they exist and why did they not get deleted (which I assume they
would be since the server message count for this folder is zero?)

Still the UID's seem wrong - given the UIDNEXT 1885 I mentioned above.

( there might have been a UIDVALIDITY change since, but shouldn't that have
deleted all cached messages? )

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