[Users] Windows NNTP recipe/how-to pointer

Lenard Lynch lenard.lynch at gmail.com
Sat Apr 29 20:43:20 CEST 2017

Looking for a recipe/how-to for install/setup of NNTP Claws-mail for Windows
using binaries.

The user archive posts on Windows and NNTP are sparse, but it looks like it
used to work...

If this isn't the correct place to post this question, please point me
toward it. TIA

What I've tried so far and failed:

1) Installed Claws-mail on Windows (32-bit v3.15.0)

2) Docs point to libetpan (but the plugin is not hosted with the other
      Found binaries, but they appear to be a little dated...

3) Copied .dlls (plus dependencies in this documentation) to
lib\claws-mail\plugins directory

4) Attempted to load libetpan.dll using the "Configuration | Plugins | Load"
      After resolving issues with missing .dlls dialogs, I'm left with a
remaining error:

      "The following error occurred while loading libetpan.dll:
        'plugin_name':  the specified procedure could not be found."

Am I doing this wrong?  

Should I be trying an older version of Claws-mail?  If so, what version
should I be looking for?

Has support for this withered and/or been abandoned?

If I can get any help resolving this, I'd assist others that come after...

After digging a bit more, I see this:

So it looks like there were plans a year ago to get this working on

Good Journey,

Len Lynch
  Realizes: "Culture eats technology for breakfast."  -Russ White

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