[Users] Suitability of using Claws instead of KMail ?

Peter Richards peter777 at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Apr 28 12:22:33 CEST 2017

After much searching and trying this and that to get akonadi db to
synch with KMail, I tried the 'Copy to' feature, whereby you can copy
an entire folder.

Setup a new maildir folder with KMail first, then tried one of the
folders where akonadi db emails were different from what was showing as
under ~/Mail path. I was very surprised that it worked. So, tried
another folder where there were missing emails and the 'copy to' to the
new Maaildir path. Checked in the new '/Mail' path and very surpised
that the missing emails were there. Then another folder; it worked
also. Then tried one of the large folders and it crashed. Reboots,
restarted the akonadi server, etc,etc, for a few hours. Wheels started
to spin again.

However, as I was able to recover the important folders (well more to
the point, get akonadi server to export them to the new MailDir path),
and I was wanting to drop KMaail/akonadi, decided to use what was
showing in the ~/Mail path for all the other emails.

Took some backups and ran Paul's script. There were a few minor errors
that came up, and have now been able to make those changes to the
script and ran it today. All looks good. Got some help from Perl Monks,
as my Perl was a tad rusty.  :)

It was SO nice to completely uninstall KMail and anything at all that
had the name 'akonadi' in it.  lol

Have been testing/trialling Claws on this laptop and looking foward to
installing it tomorrow on the desktop where all the email folders are.

Am not convinced I need to travel down the Dovecot path, as I'm not
sure that I need it ??  Surely, just Claws is ample for my needs.

When I was trying to check the input from the script (KMail folders) against
the output with Beyond Compare, couldn't find a method to check the
files by CRC. However, dropping the folder view enabled a view that was
reasonable enough to see that the conversion was working okay. Also
tried fdupes to check input folders to output, as it uses CRC I think.
All looked okay there, at least a spot check, as I wasn't going to
check about 64,000 lines of output. lol

Thanks to everyone on this list. You have been very helpful and


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