[Users] Mairix

Uwe mm at edor.eu
Fri Apr 28 00:36:37 CEST 2017

I'm using as frontend recoll, as backend xapian, this works better for
me, even together with claws. Click on search results, opens the
specific message in claws, and the search options are very advantages,
if you need.

On 27.04.2017 01:42, Charles Curley wrote:
> I just installed mairix from the debian repositories. I'm rather
> impressed with it. I can specify a subset to be indexed of all the
> emails available. It took about a minute to index for the first time
> several gigabytes of emails, and then seconds to search the index for
> a keyword. That is much faster than using find across all the emails I
> have.
> I did have a problem. I wanted the output folder to be where claws-mail
> would find it, so in its mail tree. I tried creating it with mkdir and
> touching .mh_sequences. That created it, but I could not see it in
> claws-mail.
> Instead I created it where I wanted it using claws-mail. That worked.
> I haven't figured out what mairix.sh is for. (On debian, package
> claws-mail-tools, /usr/share/doc/claws-mail/tools/mairix.sh.) It appears
> to combine the scan and search operations into one command. Nice, but I
> usually find myself making multiple searches as I refine my query. So
> only the first scan in a series of searches would be useful.

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