[Users] Suitability of using Claws instead of KMail ?

Peter peter777 at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Apr 26 02:17:08 CEST 2017


Just some questions please ....

1.  Does anyone know what commands to issue to akonadi, to get a 'structured' 
dump of everything. By structured, I mean that the resultant files will sit 
within the same heirarchy as they appear now under KMail.

There is a little bit hare on akonadi, but not much:


2. Have been looking at other tools to view/dump the akonadi data; a list at 

Have installed workbench as it is developed by Sun. Whether it can get the 
akonadi rows out in the preferred format, ..hmm.

3. I prefer to do a complete/fresh install of Kubuntu, as upgrades sometimes 
don't go too well. Apart from the obvious file structure with Claws, are the 
config/setup type files easy to find/backup/restore. Any other 'gotchas' in 
regards to moving Claws to another computer ??

4.  With KMail, I can add/delete files to the file system (KMail structure) and 
can then use the new file/s in KMail. It's dynamic. But I see when I drop a 
(KMail - long name) file in a box/folder within Claws, it isn't 'seen' by Claws 
?  Maybe this is just the next question ..

5.  Filenames. KMail defaults to the (very long) names as displayed from the 
Dovecot server on our site, or for sent mails, it creates a new name (e.g. 
1239778504.6557.B8ueO:2,RS )

I notice Claws starts at 1,2,3, ...

Is there a setting in config. regards the naming convention, or is that just 
how it is ?  I guess it's a matter of adjusting, .. seeing the long names for 
years, ..lol

I know Beyond Compare doesn't like copying the long names across the network, 
so if I have to move emails across the network, have to tar first. I assume the 
Claws naing convention will actually be easier.

When I get everying out of akonadi, I was hoping to use Beyond Compare to 
check what is in the akonadi db to what is in the file system. But BC relies on 
the same filename.  :)



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