[Users] [Bug 3696] always use fully qualified default inbox

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not FQ inbox...

It may be the default currently; but that was not always the case.  This is a
screen shot of one account on my other instance of CM which only has one MH.

I filed this as an enhancement because it is a timebomb; though a very unlikely
one for most users.  No objection to closing as invalid; but maybe a new
section in the release notes would be useful...  like this:

Issues which may be present; but will not be fixed since only older
installations may be affected. Recent installations should not exhibit these

* Users with a single MH mailbox should check their account settings'
  Default inbox on the Receive tab. It should contain a fully qualified
  box name (e.g., #mh/Mailbox/inbox). Older versions of claws-mail 
  used 'inbox' which could cause problems if a new mailbox is added. 
  Click the Browse button, select Inbox, OK, Apply.

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