[Users] Running Two Instances of CM Simultaneously

Dustin dustbiz at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 17:40:37 CEST 2016

Is it possible to have two instances of Claws Mail (CM) running at the 
same time? From the bit of research I've done so far it seems like it 
might be possible and I'm hoping to test it when I get a chance, but I 
thought I'd post here to double-check whether it's worth pursuing.

Here are some more details about the usage scenario I'm thinking of:

PC-A at Location-A runs CM w/ DataSet(i.e.-messages-settings)-A

PC-B at Location-B runs CM w/ DataSet-B

For a period of time, PC-C at Location-C will run 'CM-1' w/ DataSet-A 
and 'CM-2' w/ DataSet-B, often running them at the same time. (When the 
period of time ends, each DataSet would then be transferred back to its 
respective PC/Location for continued separate use.)

Assuming the CM code can handle it, I think all I would need to do to 
make it work well is have my two DataSets in different places on PC-C 
and then have two clearly-labeled shortcuts that run the necessary 
user-configured CM commands to point them to their respective DataSets.

Some Qs:
1. Am I right in thinking the CM code can handle this?
2. If #1 is true, do I need to have a certain version or higher of CM 
for it to work?
3. Are there any potential problems, caveats, reduced stability, etc. 
issues connected with doing this? (i.e. when I've looked into this 
before for Thunderbird, my takeaway was that "it's possible, but it 
wasn't meant to do that, and things can go wonky sometimes" :)  )

Up to now, I've accomplished this by just using two different email 
clients, but if I could have them both be the same, it would simplify 

Even if there are no definite, quick answers on this, any ideas for 
testing, search terms, or links to resources that might be helpful are 
welcome. Thanks! :)

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