[Users] [Bug 3684] Socket error with POP3 using TLS client certificate

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Sat Sep 3 17:54:19 CEST 2016


--- Comment #7 from Thomas Orgis <thomas-forum at orgis.org> ---
Yes, I am using STARTTLS in claws-mail, with port 110. I thought
that is obvious from the openssl and gnutls tests als well as the
debug log:

[09:45:05] POP3> STLS
[09:45:06] POP3< +OK Begin TLS negotiation now.

What settings are missing? This is a dovecot server that accepts
client certificates, I tried all variations of options in claws
(STARTTLS, non-blocking) … I don't see any further settings to
tweak. Perhaps somebody can provide logs from a working session
with client certificates so that one can spot a difference
(probably also the gnutls-cli test to see details about the
encryption). So far I only have a report from another user trying
claws-mail with that very same server and the same results.

I do not have prior experience with client certificates for mail,
nor other servers to test. People report success using mpop with
this server. I hoped to be able to use claws to fetch from that
account together with all the others.

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