[Users] How to print Headers on HTML mails ?

Wolfgang Rosner wrosner at tirnet.de
Sat Oct 8 08:59:58 CEST 2016

Am Sat, 8 Oct 2016 08:37:20 +0200
schrieb Wolfgang Rosner <wrosner at tirnet.de>:

Here are some first results of my research for a solution:

> Is there some kind of scriptable wrapper between claws and the "funny"
> renderer? It should not be that difficult to convert some header stuff
> to html, right?

I found an extensibility hook in the manual:


   Advanced features
          Actions allow you to use all the power of the Unix
          command-line with your emails.

I gave it a try and find that I can deliver the whole message (body and
header) to the text editor kate, if I select the whole message in the
view when calling my new generated action.

So what is required is some command line mail viewer, which converts an
HTML- or or multipart-email to sth like pdf or PS and pipe this into a
PDF viewer, showing both HTML body and header.

Is anybody aware of something like that? 

I tried other (bloatware) mailers from the garbage pile left on my
machine (kate, icedove, evolution), but none works in the first
instance. Maybe I had to play with their command line options?

Or do I have to write a Perl script?

> Or does it require the modification of the plugin itself?
> Where can I find pointers to the architecture and the relevant source
> code?

OK - the source is here

I'd guess that this is the hook that is called by CM

   852 static MimeViewer *fancy_viewer_create(void)
   863         viewer->mimeviewer.show_mimepart = fancy_show_mimepart;

and here the step where the file to print is sent to the viewer

   275 static void fancy_show_mimepart(MimeViewer *_viewer, const gchar
              *infile, MimeInfo *partinfo)

While this might be a natural point to intervene the display of the
data, It would require extensive debugging to find out whether the
header information is available at all at this place.

In the experiments with "Action" above, I see that I only get the body
delivered when I select the HTML-Part to call "fancy". So I'm afraid,
the headers are not delivered in the "infile".

Wolfgang Rosner

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