[Users] How to print Headers on HTML mails ?

Wolfgang Rosner wrosner at tirnet.de
Thu Oct 6 11:42:29 CEST 2016

Hello, fellow claws users,

can anybody tell me how to print formatted html mails including the
essential header information? 

I'd expect at least, "From:", "To:", "cc:",
date/time and subject.

I know that printing emails is on the "don't do" list for many people,
but there are occasional situations where I want to keep a pdf or even
paper copy for reference, legal proof or forwarding to digitally
disabled people.

I use claws 3.11.1 from debian jessie in German locale.
"Fancy" is configured for HTMl display.

At the moment, I use the following workaround:

In "Settings / Message display / text settings "
I have
[X] Display HTML as text
[ ] use plugin for plain HTML messages
[ ] display HTML for 'multipart alternative' messages

(sorry, retranslated from German locale, menu text may not match

In this settings, HTML is shown as plain text, including the headers,
and printed this way. But I have to switch manually to HTML view to see
them as formatted, and cannot print the formatted message.

When I toggle the three switchtes above, I see the formatted messages
in the reader, but the headers are shown outside the display windows on
a different widget and not included in printing.

Any proposals for a simple solution?

Wolfgang Rosner

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