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John Serink john_serink at trimble.com
Sat May 21 17:34:09 CEST 2016

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Hello All:

To get this to work I had to generate a google apps password for
claws-email and use this rather than my email password to connect. It
has something to do with the fact that I enabled 2 factor
authentication and that won't work with devices.

it seems after I left my machine for a few hours that claws 'forgot'
the password as it kept asking for one...
So I had to revoke the old one and issue a new one which I wrote down
so if it happens again, I've got it.

Anyhow, my question has to do with the folders after the gmail
connection came up. Gmail created its own folder in the folder tree
from Claws and under the gmail folder is:
All Mail,
Sent Mail,

Does anyone know how to get gmail to use the same folders as claws?
Its a bit messy as is.


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