[Users] Feature request: More then 1 alternative dictionary

osterd at gmx.de osterd at gmx.de
Mon May 16 17:59:56 CEST 2016

> Oops ;)
> I don't write again to correct those typos, just to inform that there
> already is a list available.
> The composer (editor) window's menu provides
> Spelling > Options > ...
> were you can select a dictionary on demand, from a list of dictionaries.

Dear Ralf,
thanks for the response. I know that it is possible to assign dictionaries
ad-hoc from the editor but that is not what I want.

I didn't knew about the assignment per folder but again that's not what I want.
Otherwise I'd need to have multiple folders of the same type but for different

Right now as I said I had to join dictionaries. So for anybody who might had to
do the same here is what I did for aspell 0.60 without an utf8 charset

1) Make up a new language name, ideally 2 letters. Eg.: ef as a joint
   Spanish-French dictionary.
2) Uncompress aspell dictionaries that should be joined or take word lists from
   somewhere else.
     aspell -d es dump master | aspell -l es expand | tr ' ' '\n' > es.dict
     aspell -d fr dump master | aspell -l fr expand | tr ' ' '\n' > fr.dict
3) Create a joint word list in iso8859-16 coding.
     cat {es,fr}.dict > ef.dict
     uconf -f `file -ib ef.dict | awk -F"=" '{print $2}'` -t iso8859-16 > \
4) Create a language data file.
     sudo cat > /usr/share/aspell/ef.dat << EOF
	name	ef
	charset iso8859-16
	special ' -*-  - -*-  e' ***
	# Convert special symbols to latin1 coding e.g. é to e' and complete the
	# line above with the format "special_character BeginMidEnd" to indicate
	# where this character is allowed within the vocabulary. You'll get
	# errors in the next step if you missed something.
4) Compile wordlist to aspell dictionary:
     aspell --lang=ef create master ./ef.rws < ef.dict.fixed
5) "Install the dictionary":
     sudo mv ef.rws /var/lib/aspell
     sudo ln -s /var/lib/aspell/ef.rws /usr/lib/share/aspell/ef.rws
5.1) Create a corresponding multi dictionary. Just necessary for aspell to
   find the dictionary.
     sudo cat > /usr/lib/share/aspell/ef.multi << EOF
        add ef.rws

Now test if aspell finds the new dictionary by typing:
    aspell dump dicts
If so, check if the dictionary is properly installed with:
    aspell -l ef -c foobar.txt
for any file foobar.txt.

All paths can be looked up on the current install through:
    aspell config

With that I simply selected in claws mail "ef" as my "first" language and the
"second" dictionary could then be my third language.

Best H.

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