[Users] How to use Ouick search.

Ralf Hutter rhutter at posteo.de
Mon May 2 16:54:27 CEST 2016

On Mon, 2 May 2016 10:16:16 -0400 Pierre Fortin <pf at pfortin.com> wrote:

> On Mon, 2 May 2016 15:17:11 +0200 Erik P. Olsen wrote:
> >Selecting Quick search opens an input field next to the text
> >"Extended". An information button offers an explanation of how to
> >set up a search. Suppose I would search for <string> in all mail
> >bodies I should enter the following: b <string> and then what? No
> >search button to hit so I assume I should hit ENTER. But the only
> >thing that happens is that the search field turns yellow. Where are
> >the results?
> >
> >I sure miss something but can't see what that is. The manual is not
> >very informative so I need someone to please guide me in the right
> >direction.
> >
> Such searches are generally done while in the folder you wish to
> search; but, as you move move to other folders, the search will
> repeat -- until you hit Clear. 
> The positive results are those messages that are still visible in the
> message list.  This is more akin to "grep -l ..." than "grep ..."
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No, the search will not automatically be repeated when you change the
folder. That depends on your setting in the menu left to the searchbox
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