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> If you follow git you're exposed to this kind of things I'm afraid.

True; but doing so doesn't make the point of preserving passwords through a
rework less valid.  While Andrej did add the caveat:
   Also, your currently stored passwords are invalid, as of latest commit
   (54ce0e8). Sorry. :)
surely he didn't intend for non-git users to lose all their passwords between
3.13.2 and the next release... or did he?   My goal in this enhancement request
was to point out that the new password system should not lose existing
passwords if entered via the password request dialog.  In my case, it meant
locating my hint file to recall the FOURTEEN active and different account
passwords; I should have cancelled all the POP fetches and cut my password
entry to 14 instead of 28; but hey... :)   Definitely won't be fun if this
happens to everyone on the next release...

Don't get me wrong...  I love being on git to help test and provide feedback.

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