[Users] password protection

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Fri Jan 29 23:58:16 CET 2016

Pierre, this somehow looks like it was too easy to be seen :)

Now i just need to figure out the safest permissions and a stunning location of $HOME2, and setup a specific desktop launcher. 

Ah, i just stumbled over the first problem, invoking a simple xterm by gksu and playing around .... the standard apps, called from the claws2 attachments, will use different configurations. This will be hard to epxplain, and accept. And maybe calling for more trouble: For example, the music player did not find the output device (there is no device configuration inbuilt, it was just using pulse but i deinstalled pulseaudio long time ago). 

(I wonder if i can make the two $HOMEs identical ... but this would probably open up claws1 folders to the main account again. Pity.)

I guess the attachment stuff will turn out to be the real problem, after all. 

But let's leave it at this, my question got answered, there were lots of good ideas and i'll figure it out, somehow.

And by the way, thx for all the input here! I'm sure all proposed options are useful, in their own place, and i hope somebody reading this can make use of it.

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