[Users] OT: Privacy and families (was: password protection)

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Fri Jan 29 01:30:03 CET 2016


uh oh we're getting far away from the rather technical topic here ... 

> Why not give your kids their own Linux computer

They do have their own computers. Well it's complicated. But boils down to the fact that everyone is using any computer around, for various reasons (including maintenance downs or simply broken, or casual crowding in one room, and plain lazyness). This includes the parents too (who albeit have their office computers far, far away).

Trying to bring some structure into that relaxed society, i wanted everybody to have their private space, even the kids. But now they all just share their computers, and somehow it's nothing so bad that i really want to stop it. I just look for a way to protect some little parts only.

Lets say it provocingly, there is a common wish to share anything, as a convenience. They recognize computers like, say, a wahsing machine or a radio set. Anybody can use it. But then you suddenly want to protect one channel of that radio ...! Or compare it to the challenge to block only the bad clips on youtube. Even blocking all youtube with otherwise full internet access, for one computer account (thus not by router) only, is difficult, and the OS does not provide that.

My maybe naive ideal is to grow childs to take responsibilities as soon as they can, and are educated enough to learn from mistakes. And i try to pay respect to them, too, while of course demanding respect as the responsible master chief. 

Meaning, i would sure as hell grant them a private space where even i will not poke in. For example, i'd never read their diary without permission. SSH them secretly is a horrible scenario for me. And yes i know teens are problematic. But i'm sure if you're destroying their trust even only one time, you'll never be able to repair it. Of course, it depends on the kids' characters and capabilities, and the specific situation, and yes i may be naive or inexperienced and your mileage will vary.

> The other thing is, never let the kids have a computer in their own
> room.

So you wont let them have their smartphone anywhere alone ? Always have an eye on the displays ? Come on, they're doing anything un/imaginable with that little devil tools every day, including watching youtube up and down and sending bad things by messengers. What do you expect ? I'd have done the same when i was that age ...

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